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Your home's garage doors are likely to be among its most prominent features. That's why when shopping for new doors, you'll want to match the overall style, color and architectural design of your home. But it's important to consider safety and performance features as well. If your garage space doubles as a workshop or utility area, look for doors with higher insulation value to save energy. If your garage doors get extremely heavy use - lots of ups and downs each day - ask for a design that offers extra durability. And be sure the doors you choose meet local fire codes and comply with wind-resistance requirements for your area.

NW_Therma-Elite.jpg Guide to Garage Doors
Typically your garage door(s) represents over 40% of your home's exterior. Therefore, it is important to choose a door that best complements your home, as well as satisfies your needs. The following consideration should be analyzed when purchasing your next garage door:
  1. Maintenance Requirements
  2. Insulation "R" Values i.e. Polystyrene v. Polyurethane
  3. Styles Available i.e. Raised Panel, Flush, Ribbed, Elongated Panels
  4. Thickness - Thicker not always better!
  5. Durability - Will it dent? pic1.jpg
  6. Composition i.e. Steel, Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Composite, Fiberglass
  7. Available Colors, Finishes and Window Options
  8. Strength and Gauge of Track, Hardware and Face Steel
  9. Security and Safety Issues
  10. Warranties
  11. Counterbalance Spring Mechanisms i.e. Extension vs. Torsion
  12. Construction of Sections
  13. Available Options i.e. Quiet Glide Rollers, Top Seals, Emergency Disconnect, etc...

services-img2.jpg Garage Door Safety Tips
The largest and heaviest moving part of most homes is the garage door, and it can be dangerous. In fact, thousands of people are treated in emergency rooms each year for injuries related to garage doors. But many of those injuries could be prevented. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself and your family:
  1. Teach your children garage door safety
    1. DO NOT play with transmitters or remote controls
    2. DO NOT stand, walk or run under a moving garage door
    3. DO NOT hang from a moving garage door
    4. Keep hands and fingers clear of section joints, hinges, tracks, springs, and other door parts
  2. Operate your garage door only if you can see it
  3. Mount push-button wall controls at least five feet above the floor so children can't reach them
  4. Older garage doors - have springs and cables inspected by a professional technician and replaced as needed
  5. Do your own monthly safety checks. Test the reversing mechanism and door balance; call a professional technician for any suspected problems

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